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What Is The Difference Between Succeeding And Failing In Your Home Business?

Why are some people successful in their home business and others not so successful in their home business? We are going to cover a number of reasons why some people make it in home business and other people do not make it in their home business. Home business is just like anything else you plan to do in life, it takes work. It also takes effort and not just effort once every couple of weeks but it takes daily continous effort to make your home business succeed.There is a quote in a movie with Tom Hanks called " A League Of Their Own". In the scene Tom Hanks is talking to his all-star catcher, who just quit the team, he tells her " If it were easy everyone would do it". That quote is so true in todays home business, if it were
really as easy as pushing a button and making millions don't you think everyone would be making millions upon millions. Only the strong survive holds true for home business or any business for that matter. No matter who you are, you will go through ups and downs. Most people quit as soon as they hit the first stone in the road. Which is the number one reason why people never fulfill their dreams.

So people quitting is the main reason most people never make it and just not in home business but in anything in life. In order to succeed in anything in life you must have the mind set where quitting is not an option. If you quit you never get to fulfill your dreams or goals. Once you start quitting it becomes a habit and once quitting is a habit you are then officially a quitter. So what if you haven't had the type of success you had dreamed of yet. Keep trucking. When the going gets tough the tough get going. If you quit on yourself you will never be successful in anything you do in life.

The next reason so many people never make it is because they are listening to morons. Yes and I said morons. Remember most people will knock you anytime you try something new or you try something they are too afraid to do themselves. I have seen many people give up on their dreams just because some Average Joe who makes 7 bucks an hour flipping burgers, told them it was not possible. Remember to consider the source when you listen to advice from people. Everyone has an opinion and you must consider the source when listening to their opinion. Remember "Opinions are like (you know what) everyone has one."

You see everyone has doubts and everyone has opinated people trying to influence them. The difference between winners and losers is winners stick it out to the end. No matter what happens, no matter how bad things go on, winners stick it out. Losers quit! That is the difference. Winners cut out negative people and add more winners to their social circle. Losers let other losers influence their lively hood. I will not lie to you and say starting a business is an easy road. It is not, there will be ups and downs but everyone has gone through them from Donald Trump to Bill Gates. The difference is they believed in themselves and kept going not matter what happened and no matter what anyone said.
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Home Business New York City-Home Based Business – Wannabe's Survival Guide Part 1

Home Business New York City-Home Based Business – Wannabe's Survival Guide Part 1

You've decided to make a huge change in your life and jump intodirect sales with an online home based business. After lookingat the literally hundreds of websites offering many differentproducts and a range of potential income levels; you're ready toinvest a chunk of your hard-earned cash; you've bought into thiscompany's marketing philosophy and you're ready to set the worldon fire. Congratulations. The good news is – it's all possible.The not-so good news states the odds are absolutely against youbeing even remotely successful. Over 97% of folks who start anonline network marketing business spend far more than they evermake and disappear well before they reach their firstanniversary.

So how do you avoid becoming another nasty statistic? There aresome easy to use guidelines that will dramatically increase yourchances of not only surviving but thriving in the competitiveworld of online sales and marketing. Here are three of the mostimportant:

CHECK'EM OUT. You'd hope this is self explanatory but you'd besurprised. If it's written on a website it must true - right? Ifyou believe this slap yourself with something dull and heavybecause you're already well on the way to joining the 97% Club.Before choosing a company to invest in, for god's sake do yourdue diligence and check them out thoroughly. If your potentialsponsor is pressuring you to make a quick decision - it'sabsolutely in your best interest to take a pass (at leasttemporarily until you get the facts). Any consultant who'soffering a real and credible opportunity will encourage you tocheck out their opportunity thoroughly and make an informeddecision before you join their online home based business.

THE PROOF IS IN THE PRODUCTS. Absolutely check out the productsyou'll be marketing. They MUST BE able to stand on their own twofeet. Products without credibility might work in the short termbut any business you may be able to generate on the promise of"serious money to be made by passing them onto the next sucker"will quickly dry up and disappear. If what you're being asked tobuy and sell is hollow and insignificant - run, do not walk awaybecause chances are the opportunity also lacks long-termcreditability. Again, a professional consultant offering you alegitimate opportunity will encourage you to check it all outbefore you come on board.

Of course there is another side to asking you to do your duediligence before joining. If I contact you, give you my pitchand you jump in immediately without wanting to check it out,chances are you're going to be high maintenance pain in thebutt. The one member of my team who takes up hours of my timebecause they want everything to be easy, don't understand butalso don't want to put in the time to learn. So it's not allabout you after all.

MENTORING MATTERS. To have even the slightest chance ofsurvival, you absolutely must align yourself with others who arealready successful in this business. If you can't do that, yourchances of success plummet like Enron stock prices. You willabsolutely need the experience of a mentor or preferably a teamof mentors. Don't be shy about questioning your sponsoringconsultant on what they and the company can offer you. When youresearch your company, check to see what training is available.All legitimate direct sales companies offer regular training(usually by phone) so ask to join a training call. Try yourabsolute best to learn the culture of the company you'repossibly about to join. If the training is fluffy andunprofessional - keep looking because you're probably onto aloser.

In summary, there are literally hundreds of home based businessopportunities currently on the web. Many are at best, simply notrealistic but if you make an obligation to yourself to researchthem before you hand over your money, you will find there arethoroughly legitimate home based business offers that can leadto a wonderful lifestyle and income for you and your family.

About The Author: Adrian McCluskeyhttp://www.success- together. com is an industry leader in networkmarketing and direct sales. He puts his background incommunications and corporate marketing to use by assistingothers to filter through the myriad of "Can't Miss"opportunities to find a legitimate online business model thatwill lead to credible long-term success and a balancedlifestyle. Email Adrian at adrian.successtoget her@gmail. com torequest a Free - No Obligation coaching call to discuss why ahome based business maybe the right opportunity for you. He'slaid back, knowledgeable and easy to talk to.

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Home Business New York City-Is A Small Home Based Business Opportunity Right For You?

Home Business New York City-Is A Small Home Based Business Opportunity Right For You?

Many people have a reason for wanting to start a home business,but many don't actually consider what they want from a homebusiness. Some people want a home based business because of thewealth, others because they don't want to travel to work anymoreand yet others who want to set their own work schedule. For some people a home based business may be the only solutionto earning an income. Such as those who live in remote areas andthose who are disabled or homebound. For these people a homebased business can give them freedom they never knew existed andgive them the opportunity to contribute rather than feel theyare always taking from society.

A home business is an excellent way to product long termfinancial freedom. In addition to the income from a home basedbusiness you will also be saving money by not having to travelto and from work. This can often add up to a lot of additionalmoney in your pocket. However choosing a small home based business opportunity simplyfor the prospect of earning money can be a bad decision.Consider the fact that everything is based on value, applyingvalue is the most important thing you can do. This is why manyinventions have become popular. If you can have value then yourbusiness will prosper and you bank account will show it.

This biggest decision you have to make is why you are startinga home based business. First you need to find something that youare extremely passionate about. It should be something that youtruly enjoy doing, something you put your heart into and won'tmind doing as a home based business for the foreseeable future.This may not seem extremely important now, but on the long harddays when your business doesn't appear to be succeeding it willbe extremely important since it will be the only thing keepingyou going.

So before you decide to venture out and look for a small homebased business opportunity you should ask yourself someimportant questions. First you need to ask yourself what themarket demand is for the products or services you will beoffering. Make sure it means the wants or needs of millions ofpeople in order to have some potential. Finding a niche marketis important since your resources are quite limited with a smallhome based business opportunity.

Ask yourself how often the target market trend will change. Ifthe market trend changes often then you will be facing a higherrisk with the products you carry. Also keep in mind theinventory holding costs and the insurance your inventory mightrequire. For some businesses you may also need to be prepared tolower your prices when the market changes.

Next consider logistics. Do you have to deliver all theproducts? If you are offering physical goods then this couldmean you have to pay additional money for delivery such aspostage and insurance if the products are expensive. Then if youare shipping overseas there is additional costs and the risks ofshipment losses and damaged products.

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