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Are you using Craigslist to advertise for your home business? If so you are not going to achieve the results you are looking for. Yes Craigslist does have an Alexa ranking of 8 and yes Craigslist does get boat loads of traffic to it's site. But advertising on Craigslist is not worth your time and if you are paying 25 bucks to advertise in certain cities, I will show you why it is not worth your money. With that being said if you are going to post your home business ads on free classified ad sites, Craigslist is the best. You shouldn't even bother to post to any other free classified ad sites besides Craigslist, that is if you are going to post on free classified ad sites. There are many other ways to effectively market for your home business. One other thing to think about, if you are solely using Craigslist as a way to advertise your home business, the chances of you building a successful home business are slim to none.

First off most people posting on Craigslist in the small biz section are just posting their own home business ads up. They are not looking to join up with any other home business owners. So yes posting an ad on Craigslist is very easy but it is also very ineffective. Your ad will most likely not end up helping you build your business. In order to be effective on Craigslist you must post your ads massively and to every city possible. Great problem solved, right? Nope, Craigslist has spiders who search for spammers and these spiders ban and flag the ads. What are some of the things which can get you flagged on Craigslist? Well posting the same ad to multiple cities can and will get your ads flagged and removed. Next posting multiple ads with the same IP address will get you banned permanently. Meaning any ad you post on Craigslist will get flagged before it even goes up. This happens if you spam with the same IP address, that IP address is banned for life. And it's hard to know if the Craigslist spiders consider your ads to be spam but if they do you are done. Another issue you will have to deal with when posting to Craigslist is other home business owners flagging your ads for no reason. Somewhere in their twisted minds they believe more people will see their ads if they flag and remove other home business owner's ads.

Now true posting an ad on Craigslist here and there is easy but it is not effective. And if you are posting ads like "Earn 6 Figures Overnight", most people are tuning those types of ads out. Now what I am suggesting will take more work but the payoff will be 100 times what you could ever imagine. Why not create your own website and learn how to market it effectively online, instead of posting a couple of ads to Craigslist. Imagine having your website located at the top of the search engines for a keyword like "home business". How powerful would your business be if you could land that spot? Very powerful. There are plenty of keywords to go around. That is just one effective way of building your home business besides posting on Craigslist.

Here is one thing I can guarantee you. The people making over 6 figure incomes from their home business are not using Craigslist to market their business.

Home Business Opportunity

"Make 100,000 dollars in 48 hours with our home business opportunity!""Make a six figure income only working 10 minutes a day with our home business opportunity!" These are just a few of the home business opportunity ads I see posted online everyday. First off these claims are entirely fake and if anyone can show me a home business opportunity where I can make 100,000 dollars in 48 hours or make 6 figures a year working only 10 minutes a day, please show me. I am all ears. These outrageous claims are false. These companies are scam artists plain and simple. Don't you think if it was that easy, everyone would be doing the same thing. It is very possible to make a lot of money with a home business opportunity but it will require work and the proper training. I wish I could tell you it was as easy as pushing a couple of buttons a day and then sitting back and watching your money roll in. But it does work that way. You must dedicate yourself to your home business opportunity in order for you to succeed. You must also have the proper training in order to succeed at your home business opportunity.

Many people join a home business opportunity with no training in running or marketing for a business what so ever. They are then told by their upline or sponsor to make of list of family and friends. Then to call that list and invite them to a conference call or hotel meeting. Sound familiar? If most people are lucky they may bring in one or two family members, if that. Most people do not even make it that far. The traditional trainings taught to build a home business opportunity do not work. Which explains why 90 percent of all home business owners are failing. They are duplicating and copying business methods which have been proven to be ineffective, period. The reason why these worthless techniques, such as making a list of your warm market, continue to get passed down from sponsor to sponsor is because no one really has a clue how to build a successful home business. So sponsors and uplines alike continue to give out worthless techniques full well knowing the techniques are ineffective.

As a home business owner you must take it upon yourself to learn how to properly build your home business opportunity into a successful venture. It is possible but first you will need training on how to properly build a home business. Once you properly know how to build a home business here are a few of things you will and should know. You will know how to get an unlimited amount of targeted prospects looking at your home business opportunity through various techniques. Such as getting your websites listed on the first page of Google, gaining traffic through press releases and article marketing. These are just a few techniques, that actually do work, that can help you build your home business. Once you learn real marketing techniques, which actually work, you will be well on your way to making the most out of your home business opportunity.
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Law Of Attraction

Law Of Attraction

How The Law Of Attraction Has Helped Me WithArthritis

I had been diagnosed with Arthritis about 5 years ago. I wasonly 52 at the time and I was thinking how debilitating thisdecease can be. I was wondering how I could get around in about10 more years? Would I have to be a burden for my family? Thedoctor prescribed the usual medication for persons who aresuffering from Arthritis. Some of the medication I have heardcaused a few people to die. When I talked to my doctor aboutthis he told me that he never had a patient who had died fromcertain medications. Well I was hurting and so I started to takemedication for Arthritis for about 2 weeks when I came down witha severe bronchitis. I stopped taking the medicationimmediately. Then I heard about the Law of Attraction and I waswatching the "Secret". I also have bought some books on the samesubject. I started meditation and affirmations, I left a veryrestrictive religion and I was changing the way I was thinking.I felt appreciation for each and every day that I lived.

I wasin pains everyday but I tried not to focus on my pain or eventalk about it. I tried to ignore it which was really hard. I used to love to do yard work and I had beautiful flower bedsthat had been neglected since I came down with this painfulcondition. Every year I was thinking maybe next year I can goback outside and do what I used to do. In my mind I was tryingto rearrange my flower beds and I was even drawing pictures ofhow I wanted them to look. My family supported me in theseefforts as they too used the Law of Attraction for their owngoals.

Well I did not take any of the prescribed medications and I didmake my doctor mad. I took my vitamins and tried to enjoy ahealthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables, I did my meditationsand affirmations and I focused on a happy and exciting future. Ifelt every day how it feels to have a wonderful live, I wasdetermined not to let anybody make me feel bad. I never talkedto others much about my health condition.

Healing is a process it does not always come overnight. But Iam here to tell you that I have been able this year to arrangeand work in my flower beds exactly the way I wanted to for thefirst time again. Lately I have noticed quiet a difference inthe way I feel and in the way I can manage my pains. I amamazed, it's true I am still having arthritis but it has becomeso much better! There has been a big improvement! I willcontinue to live in harmony with the knowledge about the Law of Attraction and how it really works.

I am telling you this story to let you know that there is hopeeven if you are experiencing health problems. What you think andhow you feel can make all the difference. The knowledge aboutthe Law of Attraction is the key to take the first steps toposses a better health!

Read more about the Law of Attraction and how other people havebeen able to get well despite severe health problems. Takeheart! You are not powerless and you do not always have todepend on expensive medicines to improve your health. Apply thepower of the Law of Attraction in your life and become well!

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Home Business New York City

Home Business New York City

How To Become The King Of Internet Home Business Marketing And Beat Yourself

The way to the internet home business success is paved with rocks and difficulties, which you just have to overcome.You may astonish how long it actually takes to become a master on your chosen area. Many experienced internet home business marketers say, it takes around three years! A good news is that the business grows steadily during that time.

The best thing, which will lead you to the internet home business mastery is your own attitude, a strong will to make it whatever happens. The idea is simple: if so many have done it, why not you? Are you worse?

Every new business includes lots of small things, which you have to taste and smell, they are impossible to learn from the books. And this learning process takes time. It is also a try and make mistake process, which is a part of the learning.

Your attitude must be like the adventurer has: he does not know what is ahead, but he is willing to go to the destination and find ways to overcome the obstacles. A new internet home business is always like that, an adventure, which happens outside your own comfort zone.

When I started my business I took it as a learning process, where the first step is to find a good mentor, a person who has already made his own success. When I took it as a learning process, I understood that it was not a speed race but a learning process, where I had to use my creativity and understanding. And that took time.

The affiliate program is the easiest way to start a business, because in that method the merchant has done so many things on behalf of the affiliate, which would be impossible for the starter to do. When an affiliate program has a real guru as an owner, you will hit two flies with one hit. As an extra service you will get all the advices the guru can give.

On the top of your main internet home business mentor, you will need many specialized mentors to fulfill the many needs, the home business marketer will have.These areas are marketing tools, email marketing, website planning, article marketing, blogging, forum marketing, keyword research, video marketing and relationship building. A nice solution for this is if your affiliate program can recommend the best sub-mentors for you.

One of the big challenges is to decide how much money you should spend on your internet home business and when you should start it? In the very beginning it is possible to run most of the promotions for free, even without affiliate fees, but sooner or later you just have to start investing to be able to earn enough.

But how much? I would say, that the key investment should be to your own skills, to improve them all the time, because the internet home business marketing is like climbing the ladders. You just have to be able to build the next skill on the top of the previous ones and to learn to forget the ineffective ones.

And you cannot speed up the earnings by investing more and more, if your own internet home business skills are not on a good level. This is a know how business, where the market circumstances change quickly and all the time. So the way to the mastery is long and needs also waiting, before you will be on the next level.

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