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Law Of Attraction

Law Of Attraction

How The Law Of Attraction Has Helped Me WithArthritis

I had been diagnosed with Arthritis about 5 years ago. I wasonly 52 at the time and I was thinking how debilitating thisdecease can be. I was wondering how I could get around in about10 more years? Would I have to be a burden for my family? Thedoctor prescribed the usual medication for persons who aresuffering from Arthritis. Some of the medication I have heardcaused a few people to die. When I talked to my doctor aboutthis he told me that he never had a patient who had died fromcertain medications. Well I was hurting and so I started to takemedication for Arthritis for about 2 weeks when I came down witha severe bronchitis. I stopped taking the medicationimmediately. Then I heard about the Law of Attraction and I waswatching the "Secret". I also have bought some books on the samesubject. I started meditation and affirmations, I left a veryrestrictive religion and I was changing the way I was thinking.I felt appreciation for each and every day that I lived.

I wasin pains everyday but I tried not to focus on my pain or eventalk about it. I tried to ignore it which was really hard. I used to love to do yard work and I had beautiful flower bedsthat had been neglected since I came down with this painfulcondition. Every year I was thinking maybe next year I can goback outside and do what I used to do. In my mind I was tryingto rearrange my flower beds and I was even drawing pictures ofhow I wanted them to look. My family supported me in theseefforts as they too used the Law of Attraction for their owngoals.

Well I did not take any of the prescribed medications and I didmake my doctor mad. I took my vitamins and tried to enjoy ahealthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables, I did my meditationsand affirmations and I focused on a happy and exciting future. Ifelt every day how it feels to have a wonderful live, I wasdetermined not to let anybody make me feel bad. I never talkedto others much about my health condition.

Healing is a process it does not always come overnight. But Iam here to tell you that I have been able this year to arrangeand work in my flower beds exactly the way I wanted to for thefirst time again. Lately I have noticed quiet a difference inthe way I feel and in the way I can manage my pains. I amamazed, it's true I am still having arthritis but it has becomeso much better! There has been a big improvement! I willcontinue to live in harmony with the knowledge about the Law of Attraction and how it really works.

I am telling you this story to let you know that there is hopeeven if you are experiencing health problems. What you think andhow you feel can make all the difference. The knowledge aboutthe Law of Attraction is the key to take the first steps toposses a better health!

Read more about the Law of Attraction and how other people havebeen able to get well despite severe health problems. Takeheart! You are not powerless and you do not always have todepend on expensive medicines to improve your health. Apply thepower of the Law of Attraction in your life and become well!

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