Friday, October 31, 2008

Ways To Make Her Like You

Ways to Make Her Like You - Warning! If You Aren't Trying These, You Aren't Getting Enough Women!

Find The Woman Of Your Dreams

In this article we are going to talk about the ESSENTIAL ingredients to making her like you! The simple truth is that women are exceedingly simple creatures at heart when it comes to matters of men...and what we want is not ONLY easily defined, it's actually easy for ANY man to accomplish as well! So let's look at a few simple traits that ALL women find attractive in one way or another, and how simply integrating the "3 C's" approach to taking your game to the NEXT level is the way to go! Read on..:-)

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Stop worrying about how much money you make, what kind of car you drive or what your job prospects look like. While these ARE somewhat important in the GRAND scheme of things, at heart, TRUE love (and lust!) is defined by THESE 3 simple words. Confidence, Charisma, and Creativity.

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The good news is that ALL of these qualities can be learned by ANY man who wants them! Confidence is no more, no less, being comfortable in your own skin. If you aren't there right now, it's time you learned that YOU are the best friend you've got...and that a man who is NOT pretending to be something (or someone) he isn't is FAR sexier than someone who does. ( and trust me...this gives YOU an immediate advantage of 90% of the men who do!)

Charisma is defined by passion.....finding things you LOVE in life and going after them, and that INCLUDES beautiful women! The more women you approach, the more confidence you have, the more women you are going to get. No more...and NO less, I promise!

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Every woman loves a creative man. And while most of us think of creativity in term s of music...or art....or poetry, it doesn't NEED to be! Creativity, in a woman's parlance is how you approach her, how you plan a you decorate your apartment, or even how and what you cook for dinner. In our view as women, this is really one of the most OVERLOOKED...yet sexiest qualities a man can show, and if you aren't practicing now, it's time you start!

And do NOT want to be one of the MILLIONS of men whose woman is secretly sexually dissatisfied with her lover. Research has proven repeatedly that with so many girlfriends, wives and lovers fantasizing about being with a MAN who DOES know how to satisfy her, divorce and relationship dissatisfaction continues to rise at unprecedented levels.

Master the magical art of making her quiver with delight ...and you will NEVER have to worry about her even THINKING about another man...that much I know for sure..:-)

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