Thursday, February 21, 2008

Internet Marketing Strategy

Internet Marketing in the 21st Century is the most decisive, no holds barred Money Making system in the world where ordinary people are becoming millionaires online because they have discovered the key to unlock the padlock to avalanches of wealth 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on auto pilot while asleep.

For any entrepreneur or Newbie's wanting to make money big on the Internet requires an Internet Marketing Strategy to target the rights places where fish are plentiful. Let me explain further.

While fishing many years ago from a launch in the beautiful open sea off Tauranga, New Zealand, it became evident and common among all fisherman that where your television screen monitor fish finder targeted fish in its abundance in a certain location; That would be the obvious place to throw your line and when hundreds of seagulls were diving in and out of the water; it was a surety that hundreds of fish were in the vicinity.

Formulating an Internet Marketing Strategy is similar to fishing. While many marketing online entrepreneurs are trying to find the perfect Niche and sometimes inventing wonderful looking e-books to market on the internet, we have the 1% Online Marketing Gurus targeting (throwing there websites) where people are buying with there credit cards open ready to purchase.

Have you heard of people saying, "The market is saturated in the high keyword search engine niche" Though they maybe right, this is not at all one hundred percent correct. To tell you the truth, there is enough fish (money) for everyone.

To be blunt to everyone out there and without any hitches when I say this:

"There is plenty of fish to go around" and a way to do this is quite simple.

1. Create a free or Word press website with the right keywords and phrases (bait) to attract hundreds & thousands of people willing to purchase your product. The way to find these people who are interested requires researching on the internet for Forums where your topic is talked about 24/7.Participating in these forums by commenting on various subjects allows you to enter your website link, which in turn creates a back link to your website. The more back links created for the purpose of driving traffic to your website, the more money you make. Its that simple.

2. Flash your affiliate links: It is important to create bold text affiliate links that can point to where you're primary website is located for customers to read more information before they pull out there credits cards to purchase.

3. Take Action today. Not tomorrow, or next week or next month. Many people are floundering around with no direction hence it is necessary to set goals written down and work at it everyday. Go for it! 'You can eat an elephant one piece at a time" If you know what I mean.

4. Work on one project at a time until you have mastered it. It's no good working on too many projects. Concentrate and master one at a time.

5. Goal Setting: Many successful people have goals written down for success. I have always advocated the fact that "A goal not written down is only a wish" especially in the Internet Marketing arena. Why is that so, anyone may ask?Well, when a goal is written down, it crystallizes your thinking pattern to focus on one thing at a time. By using a positive present tense affirmation for example: 'I came, I saw I conquered or "My subconscious now provides me with the specific massive action plans I need to attain my desired results" sets our mind to tap into natural healthy laws which motivates us to the worthwhile goal.

6. Article Typing: Is another Internet Marketing Strategy to drive traffic to your blogs by placing the 500 to 600 word articles to Enzine Articles as well as many other article sites situated all over the internet.

We are talking about a numbers game. The more articles you create and post, the more traffic you get the more sales you make.

By following the required precepts or tips as stated above with guiding implementation can only set your Internet Marketing Strategy in full motion and creativity on a huge scale. Many Internet Marketing Entrepreneurs have proven it. A Review with a free DVD, Video or website are available by clicking on:

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing Tips - Some Brutal Truths About Making It Big

Every once in a while, I like to write an article to really ruffle a few feathers. The little guy of Internet marketing loves these. The big guy, not so much. But there is nothing wrong with a little truth once in a while. So how's this for an eye opener? In IM, it's not WHAT you know so much as WHO you know. Ah yeah, but you already knew that didn't you. Of course you did. Well, now you're getting it confirmed from somebody on the inside.

Don't get me wrong, you still have to achieve a bit of success on your own to even get to know somebody. Oh what, you thought that all you had to do was just look pretty and some really successful marketer was going to write to you and ask you for your product so that he can promote it for you? No, you have to be a bit of a somebody to begin with otherwise you're not going to have a prayer to make it to the next level.

However, here's the secret to making it to that next level a lot faster. See, one thing the big boys of Internet marketing will never turn down is a favor. Now, you might think that there is nothing you could possibly do for these folks. But you're wrong. See, one thing that the big boys or marketing can always use is more people promoting their products. What, you think they make all these sales themselves? Not a chance. They get affiliates...lots of them. And the ones that go out of their way for them...those are the ones who get the special treatment.

So, what do you have to do? I mean how easy is it? It's not very easy but it's not very hard either. Here's a game plan that will work wonders. Contact the "guru" of your choice and tell him that you got his latest product and that you're so impressed with it you're going to promote it for him...without an affiliate link. That's right. Set up this big ad campaign, and show him everything you're doing. Email him every ad you're running, every site you've put up, every email you've sent.

Think this won't win a few friends?

Think again. It's all about making friends in this business. The more you make, the more money you make.

Hey, you wanted the truth...There it is.

To YOUR Success,

Steven Wagenheim

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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Home Businesses

Home businesses give the average person a chance to become very successful. Home businesses will be the next big thing in the future. Many people are failing to see the huge opportunities home businesses can offer. There are many benefits to starting or going into business for yourself. The tax benefits alone can help you out tremendously. Not to mention all the money you can make with your own business. Many people have a negative view on this type of industry but they are solely mistaken.

This industry gives everyone and I mean everyone the chance to become successful for little or no amount of risk. This is something that is unheard of. Just think about it for a second. Where else can you make hundreds of thousands of dollars for a minimal investment. No where else can you this. Before if you wanted to start a business you at least needed $20,000 dollars.

With a home business you only at most need a couple of grand, that's it. And you can get started. Many people fail to grasp this fact and fail to take advantage of the awesome opportunity this industry offers the average hard working individual.

Many people are not making the type of money they want at their day jobs. Many people are depending entirely are one source of income. Normally that sole source of income comes from their jobs. They are badly misleveraged. Everything they own depends on their income from their jobs. Their house, food, cars, clothing, and lifestyle depends on only one source of income their jobs.

When people lose their jobs they find out how badly they were misleveraged. Once they realize this it is normally too late for them. They normally have to take a lower paying job and give up the perks and the lifestyle they used to lead before. It is a harsh reality to be in. But this can all be avoided by creating a secondary source of income for yourself in your spare time.

Many people are beginning to wake up to the harsh realities that many of our white collar jobs are being exported overseas and corporations are downsizing and laying off employees just to save money. Many people are keeping their day jobs and starting a business part time. This is a very smart way to go. Creating that secondary income is a great way to ensure your family and your lifestlye can continue just in case anything were to happen at your job.

Times are changing and those who do not change with the times will get passed up by those who are willing to change with the times. Why do you think we have 20 year old billionaires but at the same time we still have baby boomers still struggling to make ends meet each month. The reason is because times are changing and those who are willing to change with the times will move ahead and those who don't will get left behind. Home businesses are a great way to start to change with the times.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Home Business Opportunity

Many people are looking for what home business opportunity they should pick. Now a days you can find a home business opportunity pretty much any where you go. What separates the really good home business opportunities from the really bad ones?

Lots of things separate the two from each other. When looking at a company there are many factors you must look at. You must do your due diligence, before joining up with any company. A home business is a great way to quit your day job. You must be sure it is really worth your time and money before joining up. When you are able to find the opportunity that works for you the rewards will be well worth your effort.

There are many things to look at before joining up with a company. One of the key things to look at when deciding to join a company is their training program. Now if you have experience in building and marketing for a business, then this may not be as important. But if you have failed in other businesses or if it maybe the first company you are joining, then this becomes a must.
Your training will determine whether or not you succeed. In business the key is to get targeted prospects to look at your site, product or whatever it is you are selling. Many people fail in business because they have no clue how to get targeted prospects or traffic to their service or product. It is a numbers game, period. This is a fact.

Many people are told to make up a warm market list and then to contact those people. This is the worst advice ever. Most of the time the warm market list consists of family and friends. And since most of them know you have no business background they will tear you to sheds. Plus you will also need to reach lots of prospects not one or two.

Many companies teach their reps to knock door to door to try and sell. Yes it works but it is very tough and you must be able to deal with rejection. There are much easier ways to reach lots of prospects without you having to go through all of that. And that is why the companies training is so vital. Many companies have bad training and many companies just want your money and that's it. You must make sure your company has great training in place so your chances of succeeding increase.

The next thing to look at is the comp plan. You must calculate if you can really make a living from the comp plan. Many comp plans are just designed do the company makes the fortune and you make the nothing. While the company is making the big bucks. There are many comp plans out there like this. You must do the numbers in your head and be realistic. Don't get fooled, there are many bad comp plans out there.

These are two of the main things you should look for when thinking about getting into any home business opportunity.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Successful Home Based Business

What are the keys to running a succesful home based business? These are a few of the key things I think anyone needs to run a successful home based business. 90 percent of people are not making any money at all with their business. Many things contribute to this but I think the companies are most at fault.

Many companies offer little training on how to properly market for a business. Many of the companies that do offer training offer really bad advice. For example, many companies are still going by the common MLM practice of creating a warm market list and contacting the people off of that list.

This is not practical and does not work at all. Sales and business is a numbers game, in order for any business to work they must consistently market to huge numbers of people. Creating a list of your warm market will not get the job done.

Many times in fact it ends up backfiring, due to all the negative responses received from family and friends. With that being said let's go over what I think are the main elements to creating a successful home based business.

The fastest way to grow any company, is to get on the phone and make sales calls. This is the most direct route you can take and it also works the best.

Many people fear rejection which is why they would rather jump off a cliff than have to make phone calls. Studies show 90 percent of people who are making sales calls to grow their business are making over six figures per year. That stat shows how powerful making sales calls can be.
The next way to grow your company is to advertise. Advertising can range from magazine ads, newspaper ads,Pay Per Click, TV ads, and radio ads.

Posting in free classified ads, I believe is completely ineffective. Yes advertising will cost you money. I believe to have a truly effective advertising campaign going you will need an advertising budget of at least $5,000 a month.

If you don't have the money that is fine, just use whatever amount of money you can put aside to advertise with. Advertising your business is a vital element, which is often overlooked by many business owners. If you are going to be spending on advertising it makes complete sense to hire a professional copywriter to write sales ads for you.

Finally the big craze right now is Internet Marketing. Now yes you can pay for PPC to get your ads placed in search engines but you will at least need $1,000 per month depending on the keyword. I know some people who are spending $10,000 dollars a month on PPC alone.
The other way is to get organic listings in search engines like Google and Yahoo.

The thing to remember with organic listings is it at least takes ,at a minimum, 3 months for your websites to show up. And that depends on what keyword you are going after. Some keywords can take years to get top listings for.

Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to you, period.

As you can see their are many things to know and to learn when trying to start a successful home based business. Just remember you cannot learn everything overnight. Take your time and really learn how to build a business and the payoff will be huge.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Start A Home Based Business

Why are so many people looking to start a home based business? The answer is really quite simple. The opportunity people get when they start a home based business is overwhelming. Many people take full advantage of all of the perks that come with starting a home business.
Although starting a home biz is a great way to get out of your 9 to 5 there are some precautions you should know about before you venture out and begin your biz. One of the first things you will notice when trying to start a home based business is everyone and I mean everyone will promise you something for nothing. You should just know this does not exist.

These companies or individuals are simply lying to you. They just want your money and will leave you high and dry. Now there are some great businesses out there. But you will have to do your due diligence before joining up with any company.

A home business gives the average the person the opportunity to make the kinds of money most people only dream of. Many people are not aware of how the times are changing. This is not the 1950's anymore. Going to college and getting a good paying job will not cut it anymore.

Many people miss this point entirely. People think if they get more degrees they'll be okay. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are now living in a global economy. What does that mean to the average college educated worker? Well it means instead of just having to compete against other Americans for jobs, you will now have to compete against the world. Don't believe me.

Why do you think so many jobs are being shipped overseas? Corporations only care about saving the company money, period. Many people fail to see this fact and that is the reason so many people, primarily the middle class are going to get left in the dust.

A home business gives you the chance to move ahead with the times. The tax incentives alone are great but even more importantly, a home biz gives you more leverage. Yes more leverage. Instead of having to worry about your company downsizing or your job getting shipped off to India, you can create a new income stream for yourself.

Many people are depending on 3 things to take care of them. Their job, the government and their 401k if they have one. All 3 are extremely risky and have no insurance. First off your job can fire you at any moment. Your job is not a secure income stream, it can be taken away at any moment. You have no control over what decisions your company decides to make.

You are pretty much at your companies mercy. The government is not what is used to be. We are in a financial crisis. Many experts are predicting Social Security will become bankrupt within 10 to 20 years. And if you just think about it there is no way our government is going to be able to take care everyone. And even if you do get government support, your lifestyle will dwindle immediately.

If you want to live like a poor person then have fun depending on the government. 401k's are the biggest scam of them all. 401k's offer no insurance or protection for the American worker. Sure 401k's work if the stock market is going up but in a down market you can get completely wiped out.

Imagine building a 401k for 30 plus years and then having it completely wiped out in less than 24 hours. Well this is not some fairy tale this is really happening to people. Talk to the door greeter's at Wal-Mart.

Many people will not see this coming until it is too late. Don't be one of them. Not having to depend on a job for money is such an awesome feeling. Not having to live paycheck to paycheck is also an awesome feeling. The choice is yours. You can continue to get passed up or you can join the winning side and start a home based business.