Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing Tips - Some Brutal Truths About Making It Big

Every once in a while, I like to write an article to really ruffle a few feathers. The little guy of Internet marketing loves these. The big guy, not so much. But there is nothing wrong with a little truth once in a while. So how's this for an eye opener? In IM, it's not WHAT you know so much as WHO you know. Ah yeah, but you already knew that didn't you. Of course you did. Well, now you're getting it confirmed from somebody on the inside.

Don't get me wrong, you still have to achieve a bit of success on your own to even get to know somebody. Oh what, you thought that all you had to do was just look pretty and some really successful marketer was going to write to you and ask you for your product so that he can promote it for you? No, you have to be a bit of a somebody to begin with otherwise you're not going to have a prayer to make it to the next level.

However, here's the secret to making it to that next level a lot faster. See, one thing the big boys of Internet marketing will never turn down is a favor. Now, you might think that there is nothing you could possibly do for these folks. But you're wrong. See, one thing that the big boys or marketing can always use is more people promoting their products. What, you think they make all these sales themselves? Not a chance. They get affiliates...lots of them. And the ones that go out of their way for them...those are the ones who get the special treatment.

So, what do you have to do? I mean how easy is it? It's not very easy but it's not very hard either. Here's a game plan that will work wonders. Contact the "guru" of your choice and tell him that you got his latest product and that you're so impressed with it you're going to promote it for him...without an affiliate link. That's right. Set up this big ad campaign, and show him everything you're doing. Email him every ad you're running, every site you've put up, every email you've sent.

Think this won't win a few friends?

Think again. It's all about making friends in this business. The more you make, the more money you make.

Hey, you wanted the truth...There it is.

To YOUR Success,

Steven Wagenheim

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