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Home Business New York City-Work At Home Internet Business, Quick Sales With PPC

Home Business New York City-Work At Home Internet Business, Quick Sales With PPC

This is the best internet can offer, tightly targeted target group, who voluntarily want to see your work at home internet business ads

.1. How Can You Build An Effective PPC Campaign?A powerful work at home internet business PPC campaign includes three main elements: a keyword, an ad copy and cost per click. Most propably you will need tens or hundreds of keyowords to keep the cost per click low and the amount of clicks high enough

.2.Different Searchers Have Different Needs.You see, the searchers are not alike, but have their personal needs for work at home internet business: some search for extra money, some are already professional ones, some search for affiliate business etc. This has an influence on the keyword selection and on the adcopy

.3. Split Test The Adcopies.In your work at home internet busines ads, you can use about 100 characters plus the url. It means that every single character must be carefully thought. You can have tens of different versions from the same copy.PPC campaign responds so quickly, that it is easy to see which copies work. By changing lines or the order of the words you can improve the conversion rates dramatically. To make PPC to work use keyword on the first line of the ad, because that matches to what the searcher is looking for

.4. AIDA.The ad must arouse attention, then interest, then desire and finally to make a reader to act, i.e. to click the link. This is called preselling: the adcopy presells either a product or the idea of the landing page. All selling will happen from the landing page

.5. The Content Page Does Not Work Well As A Landing Page.PPC ad gives a visitor a hint about what is coming, makes him want to get more information. When a visitor has clicked the ad and arrives to the landing page, the same style must continue. More encouragement to join the program and of course a gift, when he gives his email address. This makes the visit a part of the multistep process, because now you can use autoresponder and send him email messages over a long period of time

.6. PPC Is A Real Time Auction.Actually you can decide which keywords you choose and how high your small text ad will climb on the search engine result page: the higher you aim, the more money you have to pay. If you have a hint about the conversion rate, you can calculate how much is worth to pay.If your average netsale is $ 60 and the conversion rate is 1 %, 100 visitors is needed for one sale. All clicks, which costs under 60 cents are profitable ones. How much under, depends on the profitability target you have set. In praxis the price of the keywords varies greatly, even day by day, because PPC is a real time auction.

Author: Juhani Tontti

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