Monday, November 19, 2007

Money Saving Tips

Let's go over some money saving tips . Most people do not realize how far they can stretch their hard earned dollar. A dollar can go a long ways, you just need to realize how to useyour money correctly. Saving money requires self discipline and organization. Most people are always short on cash but they do not realize or are not on top of their finances . So I will go over some money saving tips.

First you must balance your checkbook. This is key if you do not know where your money is going, how will you know where to cutback. So balance your checkbook and then start to create a monthly budget. Your budget should include fixed income and fixed expenses. Fixed means money you know will be coming in monthly and expenses you know you will have to pay. Next setup your variable income and expenses. Variable means the amounts can change from month to month.

Next make a list of things you need like food, housing, transportation and anything else that comes to mind. Then make a list of things you don't need but you buy anyways. So go down the second list and cut out what you can live without. If you are spending 5 bucks on coffee at Starbucks a day, that is something you should cut out. Instead go to your local store and pickup coffee there. Instead of eating out buy in bulk and freeze the food you do not need. Little things like this will save you tons of money.

Follow these basic money saving tips and you should see excellent results. Next after you have saved up a good amount of money, use it wisely. Sure it's always nice to buy that new car but what about if you let your money work for. Instead of you having to work for your money. Just something to think about, hope you enjoyed these money saving tips .

Aaron Aldama is a Successful Business Owner. For more tips on saving check out Money Talks

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