Thursday, December 6, 2007

Get Paid To Give Away Credit Cards - Is This A Legitimate Home Business?

There is a new type of home based business where you can get
paid to give away credit cards. At the time of writing, this new
type of business is still treated with caution by some people
and is not widely available. It is early days, but I have a
feeling that giving away credit cards is going to be a popular
way of making money at home and might even overtake the online
survey and online data entry business in the ways to make money
at home charts. If I am right, in a very short time, we will
start to see new credit card promotion programs springing up in
copy-cat style offering people generous commissions to promote
credit cards.

When you consider the fact that this business involves you
showing people where they can easily obtain something they want,
you will understand how easy it can be to make money giving away
credit cards. This is one of the best home based business ideas
currently on offer for three reasons:

1. It involves promoting an in-demand product;

2. The way the program is set up makes the business very simple
to work at;

3. The business is ideal for promotion both online and in the
bricks and mortar world.

First, a quick word about the way the credit card promotion
business is set up. (The set-up I describe belongs to one
particular credit card promotion company but, it is a pretty
safe bet that the copy-cat companies will adopt a similar
system.) The company provides a pre-built customizable website,
promotional tools, and full training on how to promote the
business. The training covers offline promotion as well as
Internet advertising and includes using free advertising
resources. In addition you will be given some nice bonuses (eg
personalized business cards). The website will be automatically
updated, so you don't need to know anything about coding web
pages. Free hosting is provided for your website, so there are
no hosting fees for you to pay.

Back to the question of whether this is a legitimate way to
earn money. I can fully understand why people would have
reservations on this point; I always shy away from the idea of
promoting an unknown company offering loans of any type. There
are probably honest companies offering some of these credit
facilities but I would not like to have to live with the idea
that I might be promoting loan sharks. You can easily clear your
mind of this kind of doubt in regard to promoting credit cards:
a look at the names of the credit card companies included in the
program will reassure you because you are bound to recognize
some, if not all, of the banks involved.

Another reassuring thing about giving away credit cards is that
you are not trying to persuade people to sign up for any one
particular credit card: you are offering a choice, so they can
pick the credit card that best suits their individual needs.

To sum up the situation: giving away credit cards is an
excellent way to make money working at home. It is a legitimate
home business and a fairly easy way to earn money from home.

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