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Home Business New York City-New Home Business Entrepreneur? How to Select the Best Home Business Opportunity

Home Business New York City-New Home Business Entrepreneur? How to Select the Best Home Business Opportunity

Once you have made your decision to strike out on your own in the home business world, how do you sort through all of the opportunities for the best of the best? You'll need to honestly assess your abilities, risk tolerance and financial goals. Will this new venture be in a field that is completely new to you? Do you have the patience to learn all of the necessary new skills? Does the business opportunity fit with your income goals?

First of all, look at several different home businesses before making a final decision. As you are searching, always ask yourself whether or not the product itself appeals to you in some way. If you identify strongly with the product, you will find it easier to be passionate when presenting it to others. If it is a business that requires selling, be honest with yourself about your ability to handle rejection and overcome buyer objections. Since you will be working from your home, will the new business afford you a great deal of flexibility?

Next, take some time to check out the company itself. Does the company have a poor record with the local Better Business Bureau? Detailed information about many national business opportunity companies can be obtained from the online Better Business Bureau (BBB). No company will ever have a perfect record if they have been in business for any length of time; but, you can at least know whether or not consumer complaints were addressed in a timely fashion. Also look at longevity. A company that is less than six months old will inherently hold more risk for you than another one with a 15-year track record. Ask for references and take the time to check them out thoroughly.

Once you have decided on one or two final options, consider the training, mentoring and systems that are available. Even if the product line is fabulous, your new business will not thrive without access to proven marketing solutions. If you are looking at direct sales, network marketing or mlm, it is absolutely essential to be part of a successful, positive team. Has the up line sponsor responded to your emails and phone calls promptly? If the communication is poor while you are still a prospect, it may not improve once you become an associate. If you cannot get answers to your questions now, you certainly cannot expect better information once you sign up.

Finally, consider carefully the amount of money required to start your home business. Even if the amount is less than $150, as is the case with some multi-level marketing opportunities, more capital will be needed for equipment, phone bills and advertising costs. If the cost is several thousand dollars, do you have the credit lines available? Also consider the cash needs to carry the new business for the first several months of operation. Cash flow and profits may not be immediate.

Choose carefully but do decide! Remember, when you commit to immediate and massive action, results will soon follow.

Cathy Yeatts is an experienced direct sales marketer and internet entrepreneur. She teaches new online entrepreneurs to leverage the power of automated marketing systems. Learn more about her exact systems:

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Howell said...

That's number one to me too, passion for the product. I find it absurd to promote a product I do not believe in.

You might want to know about the Young Entrepreneur Society from the A great documentary about successful entrepreneurs.

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