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Home Business New York City-Wealthy Marketer - Home Based Business Review

Home Business New York City-Wealthy Marketer - Home Based Business Review

Wealthy Marketer is a money-making home based business program. I will give a review of the business to help you make an informed decision whether this is a program you would like to join or not in order to achieve your financial goals.

1) The Foundation
Wealthy Marketer was founded by Alex Hunter who is a native of the United Kingdom. This is a "high-ticket" home based business program which is run and marketed primarily on the Internet.
Wealthy Marketer is the third high-ticket program that is not a pass-up program (more details on pass-ups below), but instead allows members to make money from their first sales or also known as Generate Immediate Cash. Currently, the other two high-ticket programs that do not require pass-ups are Perfect Wealth Formula and Wealth Magnet System respectively.
Also, this is the first program that pays residually on 3-tiers (More detail below).

2) The Products
Wealthy Marketer sells an extensive line of digital marketing software. Hunter said that it is his goal to make his program the top provider of digital software products on the Internet.
The products include various digital e-books providing online marketing knowledge, and software programs that will allow you to put streaming audio and video on websites. All of the products come with re-sale rights which allows members to sell them individually as well.
In addition to the products, each member receives their own duplicated website explaining the compensation plan and products.

3) My Opinion of the Products
I give the instructional and original e-book written by Alex Hunter entitled "$900 a Day Handbook" an A grade. The 72-page book details everything you need to do to make good money online.
However, I give the digital software products a grade of a B. The products are good but there are either slight variations or the same digital products that can be found all over the Internet and many times can be obtained individually for free.

3) The Compensation Plan and Price
The price to join Wealthy Marketer as a business member and receive the products is $1497.
This is not a pass-up program. For those unfamiliar with pass-ups, there are a number of popular programs online that require members to pass-up or give away the commissions of their first one or two sales to their sponsor. In other words, pass-up programs require you to become qualified before you can actually start making money yourself.
In contrast, Wealthy Marketer allows you to make money from your first sale. There is no need to qualify.
But what makes the Wealthy Marketer compensation plan truly unique is this is the first and currently the only online program that pays out on 3 separate tiers.
Members make $200 and $100 override payments from everyone in their downlines on both the 2nd and 3rd payout tiers respectively.
Here's how it works: A member decides to join and pays the $1497 in 4 separate payments. The first payment is $297 and this is the admin fee. The second payment is $100 to the sponsor 3 levels above you. The third payment is $200 to the sponsor 2 levels above you. The last payment is $900 to the person immediately above you.
For example, when you make a sale, you make $900, and then when that person makes any sale you get an additional $200 each time. So when that person makes 5 sales, you would get $1000 total and then when any of those 5 sales makes a sale you will get another $100.
The main benefit of this type of payout plan is that it promotes teamwork. Members have more than one sponsor for help. Also more people work with you to help you become successful because the more money you make, the more the others all make.

4) Conclusion and Honest Opinion
Wealthy Marketer is the best of both worlds. First, it is a high-ticket program. All high-ticket programs have lucrative compensation plans. Second, this is not a pass-up program, rather members make money from all of their sales. Third, it has a unique compensation plan of 3-tiers.
Because Wealthy Marketer is the best of both worlds, has good products and is unique, this may be the right home based business for you.
Remember however that all online money-making business opportunities are difficult to a degree. Don't be fooled or misled to believe that making money online is magic. All businesses require discipline to be successful.

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