Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing an Effective Way of Sales

By Narendra Kumar Singh

The process of search engine marketing involves various technical as well as logical skill to increasing website popularity and increasing website user friendliness. Now a days there are various types of internet user and most of them always go through the search engine indexing. they blindly believe on search engine indexing and search engine result. In America more than 80% internet user go through the search engine. They are actual unique user. In India this tradition have started also and search engine marketing growing day by day.

Actually, search engine optimization is a combining process of search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing (basically, internet marketing) . Search engine optimization is the technical as well as logical process, which always results the indexing web pages of website. Search engine optimization is basically optimize the websites on search engines according to certain rule and their algorithm. And this way maximum user (simple and unique user both) came across the website to achieve their goal and purpose.

Search engine optimization is the unique process which works on some specific keywords also. SEO analyst always trying to select keyword from maximum user's mind with the help of several keywords tools. Hence the website which was optimize always found to be user's friendly or user's nearer.This way a website got a heavy traffic and become a popular site which can easily increase the sales.

Internet marketing and search engine marketing are relatively same, both have almost the same feature to attract the user and sailing product. But there is is lot of differences between them search engine marketing is more scientific, technical and powerful strategy of marketing which covers a wide range of clients towards the website. In today's world search engine marketing is directly increase the quantity of sales in figure and in future the marketing concept overall lies on search engine and online perspective.





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