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Home Business New York City-How To Succeed Faster In Your Home Business

Home Business New York City-How To Succeed Faster In Your Home Business

Here are some great tips and understanding on how to succeed faster in your home business.
If you are a home business entrepreneur, you know that you are surrounded by success; tens of thousands of people are making hundreds of thousands of dollars with minimal effort.
This is how success happens faster...

As human beings, we have the ability to focus our thought; this is such a gift when we truly understand how to sharpen this skill. However, it is important to know, we can only truly focus our thought, on one thing at a time.
We get what we focus on...

There are three things that we can choose to spend our time focusing on, one of them is counter productive, while the other two, if used properly, can produce significant results see if you can define and maybe expand with a comment how to effectively use these properly to succeed faster in your home business.

Things We Can Control

Things We Can't Control
Things We Dream About

The main thing you should be focusing our time on, to succeed faster in your home business, are the things you can control. So what are the things you can control?

Things We Can Control...

The actions we can take during the day to advance our business and generate sales:

Placing Ads
Personal Contacts
Generating Leads
Voice Mail
Listening Skills
Returning Email
Practicing Our Presentations

Strengthening Our Skills In All Of The Above These things are all items that are designed to simply increase the exposure of our businesses ( you may likely have more ideas, feel free to comment on this Article to add some) and they ensure the sales process is guided towards a sale, as long as they are done well.

Things We Can't Control...

The outcomes from our controlled efforts:
What A Person Thinks
What A Person Says
What A Person Does We simply cannot and should not control the outcome, if we are controlling the outcome, then we are not allowing people to express their free will, we are forcing, or manipulating the sale. As soon as someone feels that they are being pressured into a decision, or that they are being "sold" they will run away unless they have already decided to buy, even then, they may find someone else to do business with.

Remove from yourself the idea that you have to control the outcome, that you have to be a great "closer" of the deal, and more sales will happen as a result.

When people decide to buy, they will buy, not because they were sold.

Now, in some cases you will sell them, but this is when "buyers remorse" can kick in and the deals get reversed, or the future customer (the person who will buy from you again) is lost forever.

Things We Dream About...
The things we think about, the reason(s) why we are doing what we are doing:

Now, if you are thinking that these four items are critical to our success, you are partly correct.
Goals, Visualizations, Meditation and Affirmations are all incredibly wonderful and powerful things, as long as they are used in a useful way, but THEY DO NOT PRODUCE RESULTS if you are just living in La-La Land!

It is critical that you have Goals, as a man without vision will perish. These are simply things that you have decided to go for, but once they have been specifically written down and a date set, just review them occasionally throughout the day to remind you to do the things you have control over, do not spend all your time dwelling on and dreaming about the future.

Visualizing is a very powerful tool; I would encourage you to direct your visualization towards perfect practice of the things you can control, as studies have shown, that will get you 97% closer to attaining your goals.

For example, imagine yourself, in perfect practice having a conversation with a complete stranger, you are totally present, listening, really hearing what is being said, not just the words, but the truth behind the words. Understanding this persons reasons for wanting to improve their life and realizing that you have a solution to assist them in reaching their goals.
If you had the pain relief that someone desired, would you not give it to them?

Imagine your solution being so willingly accepted and acted upon that you never had to say a single convincing word, you simply allow this person to follow the natural and logical steps to solving their own problems based on your referral to the solution. If they want pain relief, they will take it from you, not because you sold them on it, but because they acted on free will.
That is how you can use visualization to your benefit, on the things you can control.

Meditation will serve you if you really focus on quieting your mind, the idea is to truly think about nothing. Sometimes meditation gets confused with visualization.
When you are simply paying 100% attention to just your breathing (or some other form of focus) then you are getting strong in developing, or flexing your focusing muscles.
As for Affirmations tell yourself that you are good at the things you can control, not that you have a million dollars, as that will lead to a vision that you have a million dollars and when you realize that you don't (when reality kicks in) you will be depressed.

Affirming "every day in every way I am getting better and better at conversations with strangers" will take you further than some dream land affirmations.
The secret ingredient to succeeding at the things I identified, as the things that you can control, is Action!

So go out and take action in the things you can control and be marveled at the results you will have in your business and in your life.

Now you have a better understanding of how to succeed faster in your home business.
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Steven Donne is a practical entrepreneur, he believes that making money should be and is simple. Having owned a number of "traditional" business with real overhead and real employees, he switched his focus to the Home Business industry utilizing the Network Marketing model. After failing many times because of his own interference, he has found and developed great success in the Network Marketing arena. Donne knows that systems do in fact work and only recommends programs that will surely produce results.

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