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Home Business New York City-Monavie - Review of Home Based Business

Home Business New York City-Monavie - Review of Home Based Business

Monavie is another network marketing business opportunity that sells a health and wellness drink as the product. Is this home based business opportunity worth pursuing?
Health and wellness is an ever growing market especially as many baby boomers near the age of retirement. At the same time many baby boomers are also in financial distress, so it makes sense to see so many network marketing and MLM business opportunities tapping into the health and wellness market with a variety of drinks and juices and supplements.

In this review I will look at the fundamentals of the Monavie business opportunity as well as the product so you can make an informed decision.

MonaVie History:

MonaVie was founded by a Daillin Larsen. Before Larsen founded Monavie, he already had 17 years of experience in the direct selling business models.
Larsen decided to help direct the designing of a health product with unique value that would set itself apart from the other health products. Monavie is a juice that uses the health attributes of the Açai berry.

The drink is not made up of 100% freeze dried Açai. Rather it is a blend of Açai puree and freeze dried Açai.

Larsen decided in addition to just selling pure Açai berry juice to also add in other fruit juices to the product. Larsen ans his team of scientists collected an additional 19 fruits to be included in the MonaVie product drink.

The product is also know as the Monavie Active System drink. The juice has healing properties to boost your immune system, and to help you have more energy among other benefits.

The Cost:

Each bottle of MonaVie cost $45 USD and a one month supply costs $180. Compared to other similar health drinks, the price of Monavie is a little on the high side.

Monavie offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to make money as an Independent Distributor. The compensation plan is very much like all other multi level marketing opportunities where you make more money from the more people you recruit.

Each time you introduce someone to Monavie and that person decides to join as a distributor themselves, that person is added to your downline. Commissions are paid out to you based on a percentage of all of the net profits in your downline.

However, the hard part of the MLM business model is most distributors will leave your downline after about 3 months. They leave because they are not able to bring in enough people into their own downline to turn a profit. So rather then losing money, they decide to leave unless they really like the product and just want to keep using the product themselves.

So you need to bring in more distributors at a faster rate than the rate at which distributors leave or else you may join the 90% of distributors who leave within 90 days.

Those who want to become a product user of Monavie to make money as an Independent Distributor should also know there is a one-time licensing cost of a couple hundred dollars.
Most other similar product lines that also have independent distributors typically don't have licensing costs. So this might be a negative factor in trying to recruit distributors to your downline.

But as with other MLM's, the main benefit is big money if you are able to bring in new distributors at a significantly faster rate then they leave.

My Recommendations:

The Monavie product is a quality health product. For any successful business to stand the test of time, the product needs to be of high value.

However, the product cost is a little on the high side and the one-time licensing fee to become a distributor may detract some from joining Monavie as a distributor when there are many other similar health-product MLM's that do not require a licensing fee.

If you are an experienced network marketer and know how to market to product-users and people looking to make money, than you should consider joining Monavie as a distributor.
If you have little or no experience on how to be successful in Multi-Level-Marketing opportunities, then I recommend not joining Monavie.

Instead, if you don't have a lot of money to start a business but you are determined to build a business and stop working at a job, then you might want to consider looking at some high ticket programs.

High-ticket programs usually require an investment of $700 to $5000 but hey also pay lucrative commissions from 75% to 100% of the cost to join the program. Once you are able to make money in a high ticket program first, you can join an MLM later once you have built up your business contacts and built up your list of emails.

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Your information is completely wrong. Please do a little more research before you post comments about a company that you know little about. Your facts are incorrect!

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Awesome thanks for your input.